Andrógina Festival Diversa 2022: Mujeres* Disidentes

Andrógina Festival Diversa is an initiative by Museo Cabañas to celebrate the diversity that takes place in social movements, as well as activist and artivist movements: marches, collectives, civil associations, institutions, decentralized organisms, and festivities to augment visibility and procure the constitutional rights of the LGBTTTIQ+ population. In its fourth edition, Andrógina is focused in sapphism. The program integrates: Mujeres* juntas y conjuntas. Treinta años de Patlatonalli (Women* together and in joint effort. Thirty years of Patlatonalli) a documentary exhibition about the origins of the lesbian movement in Guadalajara, with the curatorship of Arcelia Paz.

A live music series will also take place: chamber music and improv by Colectiva sunami; feminist cabaret and pank music night with the Histriónicas Hermanas Hímenez and the latin-trap project Aloe Vera. We also collaborate with Premio Maguey, Guadalajara Pride, and the Dirección de Diversidad Sexual (the Sexual Diversity Direction), with whom will organize a queer bicycle tour, a film series, workshops, and talks.

Wednesday, June 8:

Mi novia es una revolución

Director: Marcelino Islas Hernández/Mexico, 2021/Genre: fiction/Rated PG13
In collaboration with Premio Maguey.
Mexico, 1994. Sofía is about to turn 15 but she doesn’t want a party. She just moved to a different house after her parents’ separation, and spends her days bored in the company of her little sister. Monotony disappears when Sofía meets Eva, a rebel girl with whom she’ll discover love and the disappointments that come with it: a turbulent journey filled with robberies, illusions, and rock and roll. Is inevitable, growing up is inevitable.
Cine Cabañas, 17:00 hrs.
Ticket: 35 MXN.

Mujeres juntas y conjuntas. 30 años de Patlatonalli

Homage to Patlatonalli, the first lesbian group from Guadalajara, which remained active for thirty years. Patlatonalli was created in 1986and quickly became the heart of the national movement for diversity rights and women’s rights in general. They organized the first Lesbian National Summit in 1987, they tried to host the International Lesbian and Gay Association in Guadalajara in 1991, and have fought for sexual and body autonomy from their beginnings. This exhibition will showcase part of the association’s own archive with the intention of highlighting the collective work they have developed, their community ties, and their contributions in the fight for human rights. Always interested in inclusion, in the creation of cultural products, in healthcare, and in civil protections, the Patlas, as they’re affectionately referred, represent the experience of lesbian activism in the city and how the fight for visibility is still ongoing.
Hall 10, North Circuit, 18:00 hrs.
Free admission

Contar nuestra historia; miradas desde el movimiento lésbico tapatío.

With the participation of our guest curator, doctor Arcelia Paz, as well as members of the collective Patlatonalli, who will tell us about the thirty years of Patlatonalli and the strife of the lesbian movement in Guadalajara: all the challenges, transformations, achievements, and pending issues.
18:30 hrs.
Free admission

Sonar el cuerpo con palabras

Colectiva Tsunami presents a contemporary chamber music and improvisation concert in a program that forms part of the International LGBTTTIQ+ Pride Day celebrations, interpreting various pieces from different geographical locations and eras, and inspired in words spoken by women: sapphic Greek poetry, feminist protest hymns, renaissance lyrics, and vocal meditations, among others. It is a concert focused on performance and direct dialogue with the audience by sharing historic information; the sounds our bodies make through musical instruments form a stream that is shared with those who also consider themselves to have been historically oppressed, discriminate against, and erased.
Cine Museo, 20:00 hrs.
Free admission

Thursday, June 9:

Rodada Queer+Drag

We invite everyone to join us in this thematic bicycle tour that starts at Museo Cabañas by route Vallarta, we will stop at some relevant historical sites to the LGBTIQ+ movement in Guadalajara, and end at the Cineforo with a film projection in collaboration with Premio Maguey and FICG GDL.
Starting point: Museo Cabañas, 17:00 hrs.
Free admission

Nos corps sont vos champs de bataille

Director: Isabelle Solas/Argentina-France, 2021/Length: 100 min./Documentary/Rated: PG13
Film showing in collaboration with Premio Maguey and FICG GDL.
As Argentina is torn between conservatism and an unprecedented momentum in feminism, the movie follows closely the political and intimate lives of Claudia and Violeta, trans women that identify themselves as transvestites and that lead their comrades in a visceral fight against patriarchal violence. In collaboration with Premio Maguey.
Cine Foro UdeG, 20:00 hrs.
Av. Juárez 976, first basement, on the corner of Enrique Díaz de León.
Free admission
Friday, June 10:

Leading Ladies

Director: Ruth Caudeli/Colombia, 2021/Length 81 min./Dramedy/Rated PG13
In collaboration with Premio Maguey.
Leading Ladies reflects how guilt affects us in different ways according to our perspective and memories. A welcome dinner turns into an excuse to discover that we always keep secrets, even from those closest to us.
Cine Cabañas, 18:00 hrs.
Ticket: 35 MXN

Las Histriónicas Hermanas Hímenez
Octogenarian, pank feminist band that uses a fusion of punk and cumbia, as well as other musical genres, to speak about the ultimate feminist goal: the destruction of patriarchy. In this cabaret-style concert the band, conformed by old dissident and lesbian women present a performance filled with humor, music, dance, and reflection.
Cine Museo Cabañas, 20:00 Hrs.
Free admission

Wednesday, June 15:

Petit Mal

Director: Ruth Caudeli/Colombia, 2021/Length: 89 min./Genre: drama/
Rated: PG13/FICG Section Premio Maguey
Collaboration with Premio Maguey.
Have you ever met a throuple? A home opens its doors to show us the life of three women living in polyamory. This realistic fiction shows us how they deal with loneliness, jealousy, and how they adapt when they go from three to two.
Cine Cabañas, 18:00 hrs.
Ticket: 35 MXN

Aloe Vera

A presentation of songs that explore different sounds and new trends in latin trap, in collaboration with Washi Hana.
Cine Cabañas, 20:00 hrs.
Free admission

Saturday, June 18: 

Fanzine and writing workshop: dissident women
Imparted by Almacén de Fanzines collective in collaboration with Guadalajara Pride.
Patio Ciego, 11:00 hrs.
Free admission

Camila saldrá esta noche

Director: Inés Barrionuevo/Argentina, 2021/ Length: 100 min./ Genre: drama/feminism/FICG Ibero-American Fiction Feature Film, Premio Maguey
Camila is forced to move to Buenos Aires once her grandmother is seriously ill. She leaves behind her friends and her liberal public school to enroll in a traditionalist private school. The precocious and fierce temperament of Camila is put to test.
June 18, 18:00 hrs. Q&A session.
Ticket: 35 MXN

June 23, 24, and 25:
Director: Lauret Micheli/ Belgium, 2019/ Length: 90 min./ Genre: drama/transexual/transgender/Rated: PG
Lola, a blonde 18-year-old, lives in a foster home with Samir, her only friend. Impulsive and solitary, she intends to secure her diploma as a veterinary assistant. Once her mother perishes, her father, Phillip, makes sure that Lola misses the ceremony. Phillip had kicked her out of the house two years before this; back then, Lola was still known as Lionel. Phillip is determined to fulfil Catherine’s last wish: that her ashes be spread in the North Sea, by the dunes of her childhood home. Lola, on the other hand, is furious at her father, but won’t let her mother down in this last journey. Together they leave, undisposed to share the car with each other but determined to take Catherine home.
Cine Cabañas, 19:00 hrs.
Ticket: 35 MXN

Friday, June 24:

Presentación de Estudio Jalisco LGBT+ 2021 Kaliopeo
The consulting firm Kaliopeo has performed an LGBT+ population study in Jalisco since 2017. This study has the intention of generating information for public decision making in subjects related to sexual diversity, the design of public policy, programs, and campaigns. This presentation shows the results of 2021’s study. In collaboration with Guadalajara Pride.
Bautisterio Sur, 12:00 hrs.
Admission with invitation only.

Saturday, June 25:

“So Hum” – Yo también soy tú

Yoga class imparted by Jair Casillas in collaboration with Guadalajara Pride and Distrito Yoga.
Patio de los Naranjos, 9:00hrs.
Free admission

Open writing session for women

Imparted by Colectivo RIPAZ in collaboration with Guadalajara Pride.
Patio Ciego, 11:00 hrs.
Free admission

Tuesdays, June 28 and July 5:

“Arte, incomodidad y feminismo”

With artist Mónica Mayer.
A mini workshop of two sessions to see what makes us uneasy in daily life (or even scares us) and how to come up with collective solutions from art. Zoom workshop, you must register at
Online and at Museo Cabañas.
Free admission, you must make your reservation at
19:00 hrs.