Scholium: mail poetry. Ruth Wolf-Rehfeldt and art in a net.

Closure: February 20th, 2022
current exhibition
Arte correo
Obra de Ruth Wolf-Rehfeldt
Curator: Raúl Rueda
From the document archive of Mathias Goeritz at Museo Cabañas.
Sacristía Sur

A review of the works of German artist Ruth Wolf-Rehfeldt (Wurzen, 1932) who, throughout the sixties, was part of webs of mail art and concrete poetry woven by artists all around the world, among them Mathias Goeritz. The exhibit comes from the document archive of Mathias Goeritz and belongs to a program that will continuously present documental exhibitions, Escolios: new and different readings of the document archive of Museo Cabañas. It comprehends more than seventy pieces and is composed of postcards, letters, pictures, and catalogues.