Past Exhibition

Abstractions. A decade in Jalisco’s plastic art

From May 28th, to February 20th, 2022
María Fernanda Matos
1 to 5 North.
From May 28th, to February 20th, 2022

The renowned curator María Fernanda Matos Moctezuma has developed an investigation on modern tapatío art, focusing on abstract plastic arts from the decade of the sixties. From said investigation emerges this exhibit analyzing a generation of local artists, as well as the consolidation of exhibit spaces like the Centro de Arte Moderno [Center for Modern Art Center] and the circuit of galleries in the city. The exhibit will offer a broad showcase of artists, some of which have little recognition that will bring to mind an important time for art of the last years in Jalisco.

Work of Miguel Aldana, Ignacio Aldapa, Gustavo Aranguren, Juan José Ávila “Kraeppellin”, Thomas Coffen, Estanislao Contreras, Fernando González Gortázar, Pepín Hernández Laos, Lázaro Julián, Richard Lapan, Fabián Medina, Francisco Medina, Rutilio Medina, Héctor Navarro, Jorge Navarro, Dolores Ortiz Minique, Enrique Rico, Fritz Riedel, Francisco Rodríguez Caracalla, Irma Serna, Jesús Serna, Ramiro Torreblanca, Luis Valsoto, Eduardo Vázquez Baeza, and César Zazueta.