Museo Cabañas, a space for and by every person

In Museo Cabañas we have worked for contents to have an increased reach, broadening social and educational themes. In this sense we started the Inclusion Program of Museo Cabañas, and we elaborated the first accessibility project in order for people with visual and hearing impairment to access museum contents.

With this in mind, we launched a pilot inclusion project of José Clemente Orozco’s Murals. We developed two kinds of material:

·         For people with visual impairment, podotactile floor was installed to improve autonomous mobility from the entrance, where audio guides can be requested, to Capilla Mayor. Audio guides were acquired and audio descriptions with soundscape for five murals were developed, which are complemented by tactile assembling plates to perceive the composition of the figures integrating each mural, as well as a sensorial workshop accompanying the visit.

·         For people with hearing impairment, we created sign language guides for murals and gallery texts of temporary exhibitions, which are accompanied by audio and subtitles to cover other accessibility needs, for example for people with reading difficulties. Sign language guides are descriptive and informative videos.

How to access material for people with hearing impairment?

·         In the ticket window and front desk, printed material is provided with a map of the facilities, information about the building and history of the premises.

·         Within temporary exhibition rooms they will find a video translating the gallery text into Mexican Sign Language. Besides, the exhibition pieces are paired with information cards that include additional information about the contents.

·. To access contents of José Clemente Orozco’s Murals, we developed sign language guides with audio description, for people with hearing impairment and any other person that requires information about the murals may access, through a cellphone QR reader, a series of videos in Mexican Sign Language, with audio, subtitles and images of reference. Codes located at the entrance of the museum, at the entrance of Capilla Mayor, and under each mural. In these videos there’s information about Mexican muralism, about al Fresco technique, details on five murals and the biography of Orozco.

In Museo Cabañas you will find different materials with the purpose of more people being able to enjoy and access our contents:

·       Visit José Clemente Orozco’s murals and locate the QR codes with audio -descriptions in Spanish and Mexican Sign Language.

·       Podotactile floor, portable audio descriptions, tactile material and sensorial workshop to access José Clemente Orozco’s Murals in Spanish, English and Wixárika.

Do you want to live an experience in the museum that includes a tour and a workshop, or to visit the museum as a group?

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