Schools and groups

Visit Museo Cabañas as a group.

You can organize a trip with your classmates or your family and enjoy the activities that the area of Education has prepared for you to experience:

workshops + guided tours + cinema.

Information and visiting agenda: 3338182800 ext. 31009

You will receive a confirmation email with the agreements for your visit (selection of experience, date, time, and number of visitors.) Just on special scenarios, it is necessary to send a letter directed to Prof. Susana Chávez Brandon, General Director of Instituto Cultural Cabañas (this will be specified during the previous call.) 

All visits must be booked a week in advance.

All groups must be of 25 participants or less, per experience. In case you are planning on attending with more visitors, groups will be divided and schedules will be modified.

Experiences I and II are only available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

Experience I

Minimum time of 3 hours
Fee: 100 MXN

Historical tour through the murals or temporary exhibits (30 min.) Themed workshop (60 min.) Movie screening (60 min.) Free walkabout around the museum + lunchtime (optional).

Experience II

Minimum time of 2 hours
Fee: 50 MXN

Historical tour through the murals or temporary exhibits (30 min.) Themed workshop or movie screening (about 60 to 90 min.) Free walkabout around the museum + lunchtime (optional).

Experience III

Minimum time of 1 hour
Fee: 30 MXN

Historical tour through the murals or temporary exhibits (30 min.) Free walkabout around the museum + lunchtime (optional).

Information and visiting agenda

Telephone number: 38182800
Extension: 31009
Email for further information:

We count with all hygiene regulations, outdoor activities and respecting safe distance.

Plan your Visit

1. Select a Tour

Description of the exhibits tours: Murals: In Museo Cabañas Capilla Mayor, are found some of the most important and emblematic murals painted by José Clemente Orozco. A tour guide will explain the meaning of the 57 murals integrating this pictorial tour and the process the artist lived during their creation. This tour may be adapted and imparted to a variety of groups. We count with a Wixárika tour guide that narrates the walkthrough integrating indigenous myths, the murals’ historical contents, and the animated tour, meant for the whole family. Temporary Exhibits: Do you wish to visit our modern and contemporary art exhibits? If so, we will send a list of our current exhibits, and we will prepare a commented tour through one of them.

2. Select a Workshop

Description of Workshops for Cabañas Experiences: Wixárika Geometry and Abstraction wixárika. Experimental Handloom Workshop We will get to know some of the greatest representatives of Western and indigenous abstract art. We will perform an exercise to learn about this craft, and experience the elaboration of an image entwining threads and organic matter. Neo-Muralism Workshop. We will get closer to the work of different muralists, and how this current has evolved throughout History. We will create different embossed images through the technique of seal and stamp. We will learn how to make a stencil and we will combine these images to create the prototype of a mural containing a social message. Comic Strip, a Graphic Anecdotes Workshop. We will talk about the graphic phase of José Clemente Orozco, who expresses a criticism of society. From these, participants will create a comic strip, based on the murals’ drawings.

3. Select a Movie

Choose a Movie Request our movie catalog, specifying the visitors’ age range. We count with a selection of short and full-length, animated, fictional, and documentary films. You can find movies for children, youngsters, and adults; for entertainment and art cinema.