Past exhibition

To be Fire. Multisensorial muralism

From April 29, 2022 to April 30, 2023.
Sensory experience on the Orozco murals.
Laura Bordes Müller, Julián Woodside Woods, Gerardo Martínez Ángeles, Enrique Nuño, Itzia Guzmán Morales and Rafael Pachiclón.
Halls 11 and 12, Northern Circuit.
From April 29, 2022 to April 30, 2023.

The same courtyard where we find the sculpture series Via Láctea (1968) by Mathias Goeritz, on April 28, was the stage this for the presentation of the new hall that forms part of the Inclusion Program of Museo Cabañas. Present were The Secretary of Culture, Lourdes González Pérez, the General Director of Museo Cabañas, Susana Chávez Brandon, and the Director of Education of Museo Cabañas, Laura Bordes Müller, who explained the origin of the project and how it will be presented for visitors starting April 29, and it will be open to the public for a year, so that all kinds of audiences may visit the exhibition.

It is an accessible art space to experience the murals of José Clemente Orozco entitled Ser fuego. Muralismo multisensorial (To be Fire. Multisensorial muralism). It is a thematic trail with El hombre de fuego as its main axis, an open invitation to a sensory, interactive, and accessible experience to the five senses; a hall for diverse audiences, where they can meet and experiment from different sensory perspectives and approximations this iconic work.

The conceptualization of the project enlisted the participation of Laura Bordes Müller, Julián Woodside, Gerardo Martínez Ángeles, Enrique Nuño, Itzia Guzmán Morales, and Rafael Pachiclón, and includes sculpture installations with tactile material in relief, tactile plaques, movement detectors that activate auditory, thermic, vibroacoustic, and light stimuli. Audio descriptions with auditory landscape; mapping, interactive sculptures, videos, and photography. It also counts with Subpac vests for people with hearing difficulties. A hall for people with and without disabilities.

At the opening, people with different disabilities came and toured the hall, so that the museum may improve and fix any necessary details with the intention that every artwork can be appreciated by the variety of visitors that may come. We specially thank Blend. Sabiduría Herbal for their support on the project and their informative and olfactory stations.

The tour starts at the Capilla Mayor, with Orozco’s murals, and then goes through the hallway that ends in the North Circuit. The arrows in the floor signal the way, where you might queue if needed. In this zone there will be activities and sitting space while you wait for your turn. You may enter individually or in pairs. Adults can enter with up to three minors. Entrance is allowed to children six-years-old and older.

For a better experience is recommended that you schedule your visit beforehand writing at: Otherwise, notify your interest at the Visitor Attention Office, at the museums entrance.